Information about NPI Number

NPI number stands for National Provider Identification. This is a ten-digit number that is used to uniquely identify medical service providers. There are two types of NPI numbers. The first type is for individual health providers for example dentists. If you need to receive payments in your name or using your social security number then this is the type of NPI number that you need. It is a must for each dentist to obtain his or her own type one NPI number even if the person practices with multiple for group practices, they NPI numbers are classified as type two. Therefore, each health care provider should have his or her own NPI number and each and business should have its own NPI number too.

There are several ways one can apply for an NPI number. The first one is using the services of an experienced person. The person will go through the website application process in a short time. This process is very easy. Mostly, you will get your assigned NPI number on the same day. The NPI number is sent to your email address. NPI numbers are given free of charge. Therefore, do not be scammed by anyone to pay a hefty fee unless it is just a small service fee. Check out here about the Hospital NPI Number.

The other application method is if you do it on yourself. All you need is access to the internet. From there you can proceed to the website and start your application process. If you are fast enough you can complete the application process within ten minutes. However, most first time users take about fifteen to twenty minutes on the application process. Also, you can use the old fashioned way whereby you download the application form and print it. Then you proceed to fill it before you send it by mail. However, this method is quite lengthy and it may take up to two weeks before you get your NPI number.

National Provider Identifier numbers are for a lifetime. Therefore, once you get an NPI number you cannot change it no matter the what. Be it moving from one place to another. However, if the medical service provider dies or leaves the business the NPI number is deactivated. The NPI number left by a deceased health care provider or a health care provider who has gone out of the business cannot be given to another person. A foreign medical service provider can also apply and get an NPI number.

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